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Working With Us

Managing Different Time Zones

Different time zones need not spoil our relationship - there are many ways to maintain communication and ensure that your website is successfully developed. The easiest way to keep in touch is by email, since it is possible at any time of day or night. Although, video conferencing at a time that is most convenient for you is favourable for clients with fast internet connections... we're up till late programming anyway!

Website Design Philosophy, Rights and Responsibilities

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We are here to help, we love to consult, but you need to take some responsibility

We want to help you develop your website. We understand that we're the experts in our field and you in yours, but we expect you to help us execute the marketing strategies that we develop and actively help us to market your website. Negotiation of our level of commitment and involvement is welcome.

Ownership and Copyright

The entire website, including the design and programming, remain the property of Equestrian Website Design until final payment has been received at the competion of development. Once final payment has been received, the ownership and copyright of the entire website is passed to the client, with the exception of the programming, which remains the copyright of Equestrian Website Design.

Search Engine Strategy Disclaimer

Advice and strategies for ranking in search engines that passed from Equestrian Website Design to the client are based upon our research and experience. Please note that although we have every intention of helping you get to #1, due to the nature of search engines, we can NOT guarantee your website's success in any search engine.